Events - Golden Invasion

Golden invasion is an event where golden monsters invade the continent, your mission is to kill them in order to receive a Box of Kundun that drop excellent items. In Mu Online global server, this golden monsters re-spawn every 8 hours but on private mu servers they can re-spawn every 2 hours or less.
The Box of Kundun range from level 1 to 5 and this rewards levels are depends on which map the golden monsters appears. The higher the level of Box of Kundun is, the better items you can get.

Box Place

Box Of Kundun + 1

Golden Goblin – Lorencia, Noria
Golden Soldier – Devias
Golden Rabbit – Elbeland
Golden Knight – Dungeon

 Box Of Kundun + 2

Golden Titan – Devias
Golden Devil – Dungeon
Golden Vepar – Atlans

Box Of Kundun + 3

Golden Dragon – Lorencia, Noria, Devias
Golden Wheel – Tarkan
Golden Stone Golem – Aida
Golden Crust – Icarus

Box Of Kundun + 4

Golden Satyros – Kanturu
Golden Lizard King – Atlans
Golden Twin Tail – Relics Kanturu
Great Golden Dragon  – Kanturu,The Cleon (Raklion)

Box Of Kundun + 5

Golden Napin –  Swamp of Peace
Golden Tantallos – Tarkan
Golden Iron Knight – The Cleon (Raklion)