Events - Devil Square

What is Devil Square Event?
In devil square only 10 characters are allowed at one time, and they need to have correct level of Devil’s invitation to enter.  Devil invitation can be made by combining Devil Eye, Devil Key with a jewel of chaos in the Chaos Machine. In private servers Devil Square invitations are sold in npc’s  from lorencia bar.

Item Item Drop level from Monsters
Devil’s Eye +1
Devil’s Key +1
Over LV.3(Goblin)
Devil’s Eye +2
Devil’s Key +2
Over LV.36(Elite Yeti)
Devil’s Eye +3
Devil’s Key +3
Over LV.47(Shadow)
Devil’s Eye +4
Devil’s Key +4
Over LV.60(Devil)
Devil’s Eye +5
Devil’s Key +5
Over LV.70(Lizard King)
Devil’s Eye +6
Devil’s Key +6
Over LV.80(Iron Wheel)
The Devil Square is separated into Level Restrictions:
Level of Devil Square Level Restrictions (-20 LVL for MG and DL)
1 15-130
2 131-180
3 181-230
4 231-280
5 281-330
6 331-400

Devil Square Rules

– Warp command can be used after entering Devil Square.

– Other players are not allowed to enter after the 10 slots have been filled.

– When the character gets killed in Devil Square he will be warped back to Noria.

– PK is not possible in Devil Square.

– Characters who will remain in Devil Square after event it’s over will be moved in Noria.


– Members inside of Devil Square can keep all items dropped in Devil Square.

– Depending on your score which is based on how many monsters your character kill will gain a large experience bonus.