Events - Cherry Blossom

This event requires players to collect a certain amount of Cherry Blossom Branch and trade them with Cherry Blossom Spirit NPC, which rewards great items.  The blossom branch can be received from dropping the Cherry Blossom Play-Box. The theory of this box is base on chances, it randomly gives you either White, Red or Golden Cherry Blossom Branch but it can also gives you potions that are based on limited times (30 minutes) and that can increase maximum hp/health , maximum mana or your damages.

Cherry Blossom Potions

Cherry Blossom Rice Cake
Increased Maximum HP +700
30 Minutes
Cherry Blossom Wine
Increased Maximum Mana +700
30 Minutes
Cherry Blossom Flower Petal
Damage +40 Increase
30 Minute
  •  To use this, you need to right click on the cherry blossom rice cake, wine or flower petal;
  • Each aura can be used only once for 30 minutes;
  • Disconnecting from the server or die will cause the aura to disappear.

Blossom Branch Types

White Cherry Blossom Branch

Red Cherry Blossom Branch

Cherry Blossom Branch Golden


By collecting 10 White Cherry Blossom Branch you can win items such as Imp, Angles or Dinorant.
With 30 Red Cherry Blossom Branch you can win tickets for Illusion Template event, Devil Square or Blooad Castle.
With 255 Cherry Blossom Branch Golden you can receive regular items, excellent items or ancient items.

Cherry Blossom Spirit NPC can be found in Noria at coordinates: 179, 126