Events - Crywolf Fortress

(Wolf Altar Event – Mu Online)

Event Time:
Usually appears every 12 -24 hours. Depending on what time the server set the event time to be.


Crywolf Fotress (Coordinates: 122, 36)


1. Everyone can participate. In Our Mu Server. To battle in this event, you must at least make sure that your stats is half maxed. which means 30+ reset should be able to survive in this event, depends what items you have on also.

2. level 400 is recommended but not necessary. You just need to be able to warp to “Crywolf”

3. At least 1 High Elf above level 350 (to make the contract with the wolf altar – Maximum elf is 5 but not necessary to have)

[usually its only 1 or 2 elf that will be accepted in the contract]

How to enter Crywolf ?

Click “M” and scroll down then click “Crywolf”  before the event starts

or you can Warp from Valley of Loren (Entrance coordinate: 164,35)

[Start of event: Stand-by mode]

*Note: The screen notice of event usually appears 10-20 minutes or so before the event starts. So you should have plenty of time to get there.

– The map will be turned into a safe-zone, with no monsters

– During the last 3-5 minutes before it starts, a Stand-By Mode takes effect. where you see the Balgass army preparing (short graphic show played) takes about 2 minutes or so. During this show, you will not be able to move except to just watch it until it completes.

[Afterward – Before the battle starts: Elf contract with wolf altar]

1. Waits for the wolf altar to set up (takes less than 5 minutes)

2. Watch the screen notice to see when the contract begins. Once the wolf altar opens 1 High elf should quickly click on 1 of the 5 altar available (the circle spots on the ground)

3. Once the High elf click one of the altar circle, a box comes out and just click “ok”. This will then bind the elf to the altar.

*Note: For the elf – Make sure that once you are connected with the altar, do not move out or warp or die during the event. This will cancel the contract and the event will end.

4. Once the contract have completed. wait for 5 minutes and the battle will begin.

[During the Battle]

1. Once the battle starts, make sure you don’t warp out from crywolf. This will end your participation in the event.

2. Players can’t use their personal store or talk to the NPC.

3. Once the contract complete, monsters will appear.

4. You will be given 10 minutes in the timer to kill all the monsters and Balgass (Boss Monster)

[1st Battle – Dark elf]

There will be other monsters but the main part is to:

1. Kill 12 Dark Elf.

In Mu Online server, these Dark elf once they are killed, they will drop Jewels or Talisman of chaos assembly or zen or item.


[2nd Battle – Balgass]


1. Once all the Dark Elf are killed. Kill Balgass (Boss Monster)

– He will appear when the time reach 5 minute (05:00) on the Time box available on your right bottom corner of your screen.

– Location of his appearance: Usually near the altar. So do protect your elf at the wolf altar because she must not move or die. If the elf dies it will end the event.


*Note: Final Rewards will be given after you have killed Balgass therefore if the character warps to another map before the end of battle he will not receive the reward.

Monster Kill points:

Balgass = 7000

Dark elf = 3000

Balista =1000

Soram = 700

Balram = 600

Death spirt = 600

[Server reward]

* Strength of monsters in all server clusters except Land of Trial will decrease 10%.

* Success rate will increase 5 – 10% when combining invitations (Chaos Goblin)

* Balgass will drop item once died : Jewel of Bless or Talisman of Chaos Assembly

[Failure penalty]

* All NPC in crywolf will disappear during that hour for you.

* Drop rate of jewels will decrease 5%

* Success rate of chaos goblin combination will also decrease by 2-5%

*Note: The effect of rates reward only works for that 12-24 hours, only until the event restart again.