Events - Doublegoer

What is DoubleGoer Event?

Double Goer Event is also called as Doppleganger Event. It is very easy and yet it is exciting at the same time. All you need to do is defeat all the monsters in the event map in order to protect a portal from those invading monsters.
Every time you enter this event, you will be teleported to different event maps, it is very rarely that you will get the same map every time. Which makes it more interesting than ever as these enchanted maps are filled with monsters awaits for you to battle them. But don’t worry, you will always get rewarded at the end.


  • Entrance Level: None (Any Level)
  • You can enter as an individual or in a party.
  • Maximum Participants in a Party: 5 Players
  • Opening Time: Any time with 10 minutes intervals space
  • Only one individual / party can enter each time (means if someone is in there you must wait until they’ve finished)

[How to Enter]

  • Talk to NPC Lugard
  • Location: Elveland / Elbeland (49,216) or Loren Market*Note: The level of map will be automatically adjusted according to the level of character.
  • To Enter, you and your party members each must obtain a ticket
  • This ticket is called: Mirror of Dimension


Ticket: Mirror of Dimension

To get this ticket, you will need?

  • 5 Signs of Dimension
  • Each 5 Sign Dimension = 1 Mirror of Dimension
  • It is converted automatically once you have 5 Signs
  • These signs are drop by level 35 and above monsters in the continent of MU

Mirror of Dimension | Sign of Dimensions

[Completion of Event]

To complete this event is pretty simple, there are 3 stages in the one event map you entered. All you need to do is defeat the 3 boss monsters along the path to the portal at the end of them map within the time limit.

Approximate time limit are usually 10-15 minutes. So you should have plenty of time to defeat them.

*Note: The less time you have without killing those monsters, the more monsters will enter the portal


To be successful:

  • Killed and prevent all the monsters from entering the end portal / magic circle
  • Finish before the time runs out
  • Less than the 3 boss monster pass the portal

Each Boss Monster / stage you killed, they will reward you with “Box of Compensation” or Bronze Treasure Chest

Once you’ve killed all the 3 Boss and reach the end of the path to the Magic circle portal you will then rewarded by a Golden Treasure Chest.

These treasures chest can reward you ranging the options from Jewels to Excellent items. This depends on the Mu Continent you played in. Rewards are given randomly and unfortunately you cannot choose the options.

If Failed:

  • Time runs out
  • More than 3 monsters has passed the portal
  • Your character died during the battle

If failed, you will not get any rewards. However, not to worry because you can always try this event again in 10 minutes after you failed the event or if no one has entered the event just yet.