Events - Chaos Castle

What is Chaos Castle Event?

Chaos Castle it’s the place where mu warriors fight for prestige or prize,but there can be only one winner. To join the event you must find/buy Armor of Guardsman  from NPC’s and right click on it, you are disguised to look like your enemies, where no one will be able to tell who’s who.  A minimum of 2 players is required for event to start. (In private mu servers can start with 1 player)

The Chaos Castle is separated into Levels Restrictions:

Chaos Castle Level Character Level Magic Gladiator / Dark Lord Zen Amount
1 15-49 15-29 25,000
2 50-119 30-99 80,000
3 120-179 100-159 150,000
4 180-239 160-219 250,000
5 240-299 220-279 400,000
6 300-400 280-400 650,000
7 (Master Level) 400 400 850,000

Characters with 3rd Quest can enter only into Chaos Castle level 7!

Any player may enter the Chaos Castle as long as they fit into the minimum level requirements. The event will automatically start every 4 hours.

The strongest player will win the event. Players receive one (1) point for each  player killed and two (2) points for killing a monster. During the event the Arena will decrease in size making it also possible to fall off the sides. If you will die or fall off the side you are eliminated from the event and will be teleported to Devias.


– Jewel of Soul

– Jewel of Bless

– Jewel of Harmony

– Jewel of Chaos

– Ancient Items